Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grandma Rest In Peace

I just received bad news... Grandma have pass away today July 7th 2009. She is 85. No one have expected her to go so sudden. We do not even have time to say good bye.
I sincerely hope she will find peace and happiness in heaven. This incident make me think back long long time ago when I am staying with her and she cook and take care of me.
You will be miss by all of us

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lung Transplant

My mistress just had a lung transplant last Friday. It was a moment that I have been wating for the past 2-3 weeks. The suitable lungs that she have been waiting for are all taken up. I have to order one from the US hence the long wait.

As of last Friday evening I took her to the hospital and the Dr. did a quick swap and it is all go. Luckily she did not have to stay back in the hospital for close monitoring. Was discharge immediately.

Now I am expecting that she will be able to breath better and hence have a bit more stamina or energy to last on our adventures. But after doing some work out with her found no big change from before except maybe in the middle of her reps she feel a little more energetic. or is that my imagination after paying MYR 330 for the lungs. Moreover the little roar or moan that I am expecting from the transplant is not that evident yet. Will need to take it for more exercise later in the week.

What are you thinking? So cheap meh lungs... Yes for human it is but for a 4 wheeler that roar it is NOT!!

K&N 33-2231 Drop in PNP Lung

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Darrel and his ride

Darrel enjoying his daily evening stroll. Not being able to walk on his own is a problem for us. Everyone in the family is scare of holding him as he will keep turning round and round. It is a tough job.

Anyway when can you start walking my boy? I can see it is soon... Than you can run all you can like what your sister use to do. With that i foresee the next problem of chasing you. Perhaps the leash might come into good use again? Now where did I keep that??

My Dream - Mod - Phase 1

Ever since I got my driving license I have been dreaming about getting one of these beauty. At last my dream come true 1 1/2 years back and I manage to own one of this "Ultimate Driving Machine". There is no turning back after you been driving in one of this machine. The driving dynamic is just awesome. The handling is legendary, straigth six is the way to go.
Have been taking my time to mod it slowly and apprciate every aspect of it. Here are some of the phase 1 mod I have done.

The CF roundel - add 1 hp
Killer Angel Eyes - to seduce the man and mesmerize the ladies
Angel eyes from another angle
New Wheels - Breyton Race GT Rep. on 18/40/225 Mic. PP2
Matt Black Kidney Grill - Awesome
Overall Back View

There will be more to come stay tune!

Chloe's First Ride

This was taken some time back when she get it as a present from the grand parents

At first when she get the bike she was like pedalling the thing backwards a bit and then forward, she did not manage to make the pedal go full circle. After sometime she got the hang of it and is now riding round the house at full speed.

Chloe's 3rd B'day

Looks like this blog is beginning to be an update on my daughter's b'day. The last I update this was last year..

Anyway.... What to do! I am just freaking lazy to do this... Need to find a passion to blog..

Happy Family

Artist at work

Present from dad

Present from mum

and last but not least present from the brother


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WELCOME !! Darrel Yee Lin Han

Wow! After a long wait I have at last seen the face of Darrel.

Darrel join us on 5th Sept 2008. At that time he was 3.4kg. Although a bit smaller than the sister he is healthy.

Darrel just arrived home today 10th Sept 2008, after staying an addtional 2 days in the nursery for jauntice (Hope the spelling is correct).

Enjoy some of the pics.